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We build Chatbots

Welcome to ET Artificial Intelligence Systems

ET Artificial Intelligence Systems was created to bring the benefits of AI to businesses. AI has become very important in 2023, and it is essential that people and businesses know about it and use it to its full potential. Twenty years ago, few people used Google for search or research. Nowadays, a search engine is an essential part of daily life.

Those who have used AI know that it has already become indispensable. We're not referring only to IT companies, but to every person and every business in the marketplace. Every job description that involves using a cell phone, computer, or tablet will benefit from the use of AI.

In our case, we could have designed this website "manually," but instead, we used AI where we needed it and completed the job in 10% of the time.

We could have used one of our existing training agreements for our seminars, but we thought it may need to be updated, so we asked AI to generate one.
It took all of 30 seconds. This is the result.
Perfect? No!
Pretty good for a 30-second task? Yes!


Would you like to know how to do this and so much more?
Join us on one of our short Seminars. We speak plain English, no complicated IT discussions.

Consulting and Support Solutions

Some of the initiatives that we would look at to implement include Try it out for yourself with this website. On the bottom right of each page we have a chatbox. Type something into it:
For example "how can ai help my call centre" and see the amazing answer.

If it turns out that you ask a question that it does not know the answer to, we will be notified and give the chatbot more informaion so it gives a better answer next time. That's how it gets its training!

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